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letting my mind free

for the past 2 years I have been single and not cause I can’t find a girl but because of my own self every time I think I find something good options always weigh out in my head how long is this going to last does she really love me do I really love her yes I know the single life is the good life but what makes it so hard to settle could it be the fact that I have a premeditated bad intention personally I know what it’s like to get hurt and I don’t want to do it to anyone else no matter who I meet or who I fall for there’s always my mind saying just cheat everyone else does you won’t get caught but I have to live with what I have done so really am I punishing myself for not being in a relationship or am I being the good guy and not causing harm to those I love truly and deeply frankly there is only one girl who has ever had my heart and when she took it with her it never came back now I’m just empty and have no trust to others but myself yes people say you have to love yourself before you can learn to love others but I have loved and lost and I don’t feel like repeating that cycle instead I hide behind a smile and act like everything is ok and all is well in life really it’s not and I am falling to pieces secretly maybe the day will come where I no longer have a lingering guilt but until then this sadness sits inside my soul and just gives me a gentle reminder of what is buried deep inside me




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